Homebrew Rules

Character Attributes:

All characters get the following attributes for free.

Planeshifting (Su): Now shifting between the planes is itself not a simple deed. In fact, its the most taxing thing a planeswalker can do. Shifting between planes can only be performed (without the assistance of artifacts, of course) a very limited amount of time. Each time you shift, you cannot shift again until a certain amount of time has passed. This time cannot be easily calculated until after the shift is completed. It basically depends on a mixture of mana in the area you shift out of and in to, as well as the metaphysical “distance” between the two planes. The time it takes to shift is usually around 10 rounds, but can vary in different circumstances. You can make a move action to figure out how long it will take to shift in the place you are if you have the ability to shift by making a Concentration check (DC 15).

Mana: See the Mana section for more information.

Homebrew Rules

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