Specific Rules

Planeswalkers: All players are planeswalkers. They receive the special abilities detailed in mana and homebrew rules.

Spellcasting: All players get spells known as though they were sorcerers of the same level. Their complete spell list they can choose spells from is given to them by the GM and is based on a mixture of race, home plane and mana. They can petition a spell whenever they level and receive new spells known. Instead of spells per day, casters spend mana to cast spells on this list. They must spend mana equal to or greater than the level of the spell. Multi-color spells must use at least one color from each color of the spell.

Note: Don’t be cheesey. The DM has the final word on everything.

Books: All wizards of the coast books are allowed, depending on setting. Oriental Adventures books are all allowed but are limited to Oriental Adventures suggested rules (so, for example, no Full Plate). Oriental Adventures is only usable in the Tao or Kamigawa plane. Dragon magazines are all legal.

Specific Rules

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